Ray BLK Announces Debut Album 'Access Denied' With Sultry "MIA" Featuring Kaash Paige

Ray BLK Announces Debut Album 'Access Denied' With Sultry "MIA" Featuring Kaash Paige

July 07, 2021

In an exciting turn of events, Ray BLK has announced details of her debut studio album, Access Denied, which is set for release on September 17. To top it all off, she's also highlighted her new track, "MIA", which features rising artist Kaash Paige.

Most music heads will instantly recognise the opening sample of Notorious B.I.G's "One More Chance", triggering a quick rush of nostalgia, before Ray's vocals grace the track. Dallas native Kaash Paige adds a contrasting vocal texture to "MIA" and together they spill lyrics of wanting to escape from the chaos and noise, which seems like the perfect song to soundtrack the remaining days of our lockdown living.

Written and recorded over lockdown, Access Denied follows an empowering collection of EPs and singles and promises to feature a roll call of A-listers, including Giggs, Stefflon Don, Kojey Radical and Suburban Plaza.

Speaking about the album on social media, Ray shares: "Access Denied is for those who, like myself, know disappointment too well and have learned to put up walls as a coping mechanism for self protection. I've opened up about how my childhood made me guarded, how disappointing relationships made me fear love and how being told no so many times in the music industry kicked me down but I got back up!

"I hope people listen to this album and value themselves enough to deny access to those who are undeserving, and to also believe in themselves enough to keep saying yes to themselves when the world keeps telling them no!"

Tune into "MIA" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Danika Magdelena