Ray BLK Shines On Hotly-Anticipated Debut Album 'Access Denied'

Ray BLK Shines On Hotly-Anticipated Debut Album 'Access Denied'

October 01, 2021

Ray BLK has been an important voice in today's evolving landscape of UK R&B as she is an example of a limitless creator, transitioning between sultry vocal displays to hard-hitting bars. Today she debuts her album Access Denied featuring contributions from Giggs, Kojey Radical, Stefflon Don, Kaash Paige and Suburban Plaza.

Access Denied sees Ray tap into her vulnerability, sharing a deeply personal side to her listeners as she explores family issues, personal pressures and woman empowerment in a lyrically engaging manner. The sonics of the project remain within the borders of mellow R&B, which shows Ray's trust for her artistic expression.

Speaking on the album, Ray says: "I've been looking forward to this moment of releasing my debut album since I was 13 in the studio with MNEK learning how to write songs and knew for certain I wanted to be a singer.

"Access Denied is for those who like myself, know disappointment too well and have learned to create boundaries as a coping mechanism for self-protection. I've opened up about how the childhood I had made me guarded, how disappointing relationships made me fear love and how being told no so many times in the music industry kicked me down, but I got back up.

"I want people to listen to this record and value themselves enough to deny access to those who are undeserving, and to also value themselves enough to keep believing in themselves when they're denied access to certain spaces and say yes to themselves when the world tells them no."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Ben Jordan