Ragz Originale Announces Debut Album 'Bare Sugar' With Cosmic R&B Jam "Radio Silence"

Ragz Originale Announces Debut Album 'Bare Sugar' With Cosmic R&B Jam "Radio Silence"

May 19, 2023

Multi-faceted producer-singer Ragz Originale has explored a lot of different modes over the years, from grime producer to fully-fledged R&B smoothie, with a few other stops along the way. Now, after making last year all about MiniKingz and their triumphant Iconicy project, it seems 2023 is Ragz's year as he announces his debut album, Bare Sugar.

To seal the deal, Ragz has also shared the video for the album's lead single, "Radio Silence", a rich, velvety R&B jam. Bathed in a deep purple light, our protagonist turns the charm right up with a snapping R&B production—that he crafted alongside fellow MiniKing E-Whizz and musician, composer and photographer Jeauneil Baptiste—behind him that's as alluring as it is dancefloor-friendly.

Speaking on his latest release "Radio Silence", Ragz says: "Where do I even begin with this song? This is probably my favourite song from the album, in fact, it is! It represents everything I stand for in sound design. Late-night drive music at its finest, I wanted to create something aliens would dance to whilst creating art!

"Produced by Myself, E-Whizz, and Jeauneil Baptiste. There are frequency sounds moving through the song which mirrors radio signals, hence the title of the song. In this case, she was looking for me, I was looking for sound. Sometimes the radio is the closest she can get to me."

Bare Sugar is due to be released on June 30 with features from Knucks, Sampha, John Glacier, Dua Saleh, Bakar, and more. While we wait, press play on the "Radio Silence" video below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Wales Bonner