Ragz Originale And Bambii Are Cold As "Ice" In New Video

Ragz Originale And Bambii Are Cold As "Ice" In New Video

July 08, 2024

Ragz Originale has made his return with his new single, "Ice", featuring Bambii. Ragz has cultivated a signature sound over the last four years, and this new cut leans right into that sound with its stacked vocals, easy lyrics and alternative R&B sonics.

Detailing the mind games that ensue in the courting stage, he and Bambii play a game of ice-cold chess in the video, which was directed by Ragz himself and Sharkkana.

On the making of "Ice", Ragz shares: "First off, I'm a huge fan of Bambii so I'm honoured to have her on my side. I also thank her for all those FaceTime sessions we did back and forth, bouncing ideas until we found gold. Bass lines like this don't come around everyday; sometimes you gotta shake the room! This song is the soundtrack to mind games we play with our love interests, keeping them on ice, never letting them know our next move. And, of course, over a game of chess... A perfect place to break the ice."

Alongside the single comes news that we'll be getting a new Ragz Originale project, Sweet Nothings, on August 11. Ragz had a breakout moment last year when he released his Bare Sugar LP, so he'll be looking to cover similar ground with this upcoming collection.

For now, take in the project's lead single, "Ice", below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram