Ragz Originale Announces 'WOAH' Mixtape With Dreamy "Brush U"

Ragz Originale Announces 'WOAH' Mixtape With Dreamy "Brush U"

January 11, 2021

North Londoner Ragz Originale has been causing a stir in the UK R&B scene for a little while now and off the back of an impressive 2020, the multi-talented artist has announced a new mixtape entitled WOAH that's set to drop January 29.

Ragz Originale is no stranger to an R&B ballad and "Brush U", which Ragz co-produced alongside E-Whizz, taps into that frequency once more, weaving West African tones into its sultry framework. Ragz also directs the visuals himself alongside CHAMU, painting their karaoke session with a warm colour palette and the occasional glimpse of famed Japanese animated series Dragonball Z.

Check out the tracklist below and the new video at the bottom.

1. Mirrios f/ Laura Grooves
2. OG Lullaby
3. Nightcap f/ John Glacier
4. Send 4 U
5. Brush U
6. Ring out f/ 24HOURSAV
7. Low Frequency

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Shazi Manazi