R&B Songstress RAHH Is Trying Not To Go Off The Rails With "Home"

R&B Songstress RAHH Is Trying Not To Go Off The Rails With "Home"

September 05, 2019

Following on from June's "", Manchester singer-songwriter RAHH is back to strike while the iron's hot with smokey new single "Home". As ever, the packaging on this new song is of course extremely easy on the air, instantly drawing the listener in with her disarmingly soft vocals, but beneath that exterior lies some of her most incisive songwriting to date. As she explains in greater detail below, "Home" tackles a staggering range of topics that are close to her heart in a way that's both deeply personal and yet completely relatable.

Explaining the story behind the new track, RAHH said: "'Home' is one of my favourite songs I've written because it's just so honest. It confronts the things we sometimes do to distract ourselves from feeling what's real. It nods to vanity, self worth, addiction, social tensions, societal pressures, psychological battles and politics."

"It's all in there and is as deep as you want to look, but there's also a transition of melancholy into hope as the song is really about realising that home is just a place of love and can be anywhere."

Words: James Keith