Peckham's PS Hitsquad Offloads High-Energy "Big Steppa"

Peckham's PS Hitsquad Offloads High-Energy "Big Steppa"

May 04, 2021

Just weeks after he teamed up with Giggs for "Black", Peckham's PS Hitsquad is back with another bumpy street anthem, "Big Steppa".

Production on this one comes from Akuma Standards and it's a relentless onslaught of energy. Over galloping 808s and chirpy video game FX, PS sprints through his bars, making about-turns and switching up his flow at a moment's notice.

For the visuals, he's called on Yukki to match his staggering pace with a treatment that chops and changes between scenes of PS in the booth and on the road, peppering it with off-the-wall edits and fisheye-lens shots to capture his peerless, manic energy.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Kelvin Jones