Potter Payper Ushers In A New Phase With "Trench P (London City)"

Potter Payper Ushers In A New Phase With "Trench P (London City)"

January 08, 2024

Potter Payper is still basking in the triumph of Real Back In Style—one of the best albums of 2023—but he's already blessing us with "Trench P (London City)". The new track doesn't just kick off the new year, it also marks the beginning of a new phase for Potter.

On "Trench P (London City)", the rapper sounds as hungry as ever, barking his mission statement over Mason and Yung Swisher's hard-hitting production. Now living as a full-time musician, the Essex legend reminisces with HD clarity about the life of hustle and grind he used to lead.

Declaring "I'm a music mogul now," it seems Potter's trying to create a new road rap institution with his new indie label, 36 The Label, which already has AB and Fee Gonzales on its roster, as well as Potter himself. Given how far Potter Payper has come, it would be unwise to bet against him.

Get on board with the new video below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Publicist