Potter Payper Strikes Again With 'Training Day 3' Mixtape

Potter Payper Strikes Again With 'Training Day 3' Mixtape

September 21, 2020

Potter Payper, who's amassed a cult following thanks to his tough flow and bars that don't hide from the truth, is back with the highly-anticipated Training Day 3, featuring some of the best producers around, including M1OnTheBeat, DaBeatFreakz, Sevaqk and more.

UK rap is known for its authentic articulation of the true nature of street life and the desire to transcend these circumstances, and tracks like "Slumdog Millionaire" do so eloquently, backed by a mellow, Chucks-produced beat. Elsewhere, on "Bon Appetite", it's 'Training Day' on repeat, that's for the Gs, he says, showing love for those who have supported him throughout.

Training Day 3 is 24 tracks raw in vulnerable truth and outstanding in execution, laying bare his battles with social deprivation, the roads, family life and his own mental health. It's a body of work that serves both as an open letter and a therapy session that will no doubt resonate with listeners.

Words: Ian Opolot