Palace Release Details For 'MWADLANDS' Skatepark Opening

Palace Release Details For 'MWADLANDS' Skatepark Opening

October 20, 2017

After announcing the opening of a free London indoor skatepark earlier this week, Palace have now revealed more information, including the location and opening times.

Opening on October 25 (next week), "MWADLANDS" (aka Das Palace Park) is located at Peckham's Copeland Park behind the Bussey Building and will be free for skateboarders. However, as the video below states, if you're a BMXer, blader or scooter rider you'll have to pay £55 before 11am and £600 after(!). So, you know, don't bring those.


Unit 8 Copeland Park 
133 Copeland Road  
SE15 3SN

Opening Times: 

Monday & Tuesday: Closed 
Wednesday - Friday: 2pm-9pm 
Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 7pm

Words: Aaron Bishop