Pa Salieu And Slowthai Drop Off Some Fresh Moshpit Fuel With "Glidin'"

Pa Salieu And Slowthai Drop Off Some Fresh Moshpit Fuel With "Glidin'"

June 03, 2021

Festival season may or may not be about to start up again, but let's remain optimistic because two kings, Pa Salieu and Slowthai, are here with the perfect bit of moshpit fuel with their new collab, "Glidin".

Produced by LiTek and Whyjay, it's more or less exactly what you'd expect from the two rappers. The energy's cranked all the way up to 11 and in the visuals, which come from director KC Locke, they go even harder, splashing themselves with bright bursts of blue and yellow as they generally go nuts for the camera and smash up everything in sight.

After the release of Pa Salieu's Send Them To Coventry and Slowthai's Tyron, both rappers should, by rights, be tearing up main stages across the country and the rest of Europe right now. Robbed of that by COVID, we can now at least rest assured that they'll both be fully stocked with bangers when the season does arrive.

On that note, word has it that this is the first in a series of drops from Pa Salieu with even more heat waiting just around the corner. For now, hit play on "Glidin" at the bottom.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Jack Bridgland