p-rallel Puts On For The Ravers With 'Movement' Mixtape

p-rallel Puts On For The Ravers With 'Movement' Mixtape

November 01, 2023

West London DJ and producer p-rallel has released his debut mixtape, Movement. The 10-track project is an ode to London's deep and rich club culture, blending UK garage, house music, and other electronic sounds with p-rallel's distinct sense of soul.

The new tape also sees the producer link up with many of his close collaborators, including KAM-BU, BXKS, Toddla T, DETO BLACK, Tamera, dexter in the newsagent, and Dom Valentino, bringing them into his world without being made to shift their style much at all.

Movement's lead single, 'It's a LUNDUN Thing'—a rework of the Scott Garcia 1997 bassline classic—has been ringing off since its release just before Notting Hill Carnival, but it's far from the only highlight. The entire project works as a blueprint of how to bring a fresh energy to the UK's long-standing electronic sounds, and this project reaffirms p-rallel as a pioneer on that front. Having shut down London's iconic Fabric at his headline show earlier in October, it's clear that he holds a special place in the hearts of ravers all over the country.

Speaking on the project, P-rallel comments: "This mixtape is me being focused on the club and my DJ sets. Working towards a point where my DJ sets are mostly my own production. With the blend of UK Garage and House, it's basically a short version of a p-rallel DJ set for you to take anywhere".

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Zeyaad