p-rallel Taps Fredwave And Jeshi For Soulful Groover "Believe"

p-rallel Taps Fredwave And Jeshi For Soulful Groover "Believe"

November 01, 2021

Having recently signed to 4ZA, p-rallel delivers a nostalgia-ridden new single title "Believe" featuring Fredwave and Jeshi.

"Believe" is an instant vibe, containing elements of mellow house music with the soulful vocals of Fredwave and the poetic musings of Jeshi to soothe our ears. In the accompanying music visual, which pays homage to Jay-Z's "Mercy Me" video, we follow a young p-rallel as he discovers his love for music in the vibrant streets of West London before continuing on to a lively party setting.

Speaking on the track, p-rallel explains, "It's quite mad because this song was the first song I made after my hard drive broke a while back. I was very stressed because I thought I had lost my whole EP. Then I did a session with Fredwave, he was like "just believe in your craft". Then boom, this tune came out of it. I sat on the tune for a while but then revisited earlier this year. I thought Jeshi would sound good on it and here you have it, 'Believe'!".

As part of the Elevation Meditation collective—alongside Lord Apex, Finn Foxell, Louis Culture, Xav and designer ricandmoretea—p-rallel has quickly established himself as a driving force in UK music. As he continues to explore more and more new sounds, take in "Believe" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Finlay Flint