Oscar #Worldpeace Reveals His Sentimental Side On "Touch"

Oscar #Worldpeace Reveals His Sentimental Side On "Touch"

October 23, 2019

Raw, honest, versatile and unpretentious. These are just four of Oscar #Worldpeace's many qualities that have made him a favourite amongst rap fans up and down the country, not least fellow poet and collaborator Mike Skinner.

For his latest venture, "Touch", Oscar bares his soul even more than usual, putting his golden pen to good use with a sensitive and thoughtful love song that pays tribute to a lover who's changed his life immeasurably.

Oscar explains: "'Touch' is a song that speaks for itself; a sentimental, raw, straight-to-the-point love song for people who have met a special person that you wished you met earlier in life."

Words: James Keith
Photography: Joseph McDermott