OneDa Stands Strong On Bass-Heavy "Warriors Daughter" & "Rollin"

OneDa Stands Strong On Bass-Heavy "Warriors Daughter" & "Rollin"

February 07, 2023

Manchester MC OneDa has called on some high-calibre names for two new dancefloor bangers titled "Warriors Daughter" and "Rollin".

The legendary Mr. Scruff coughs up his strongest breakbeat combinations for OneDa's empowering lyrics. In honour of her late father, she reminds herself of her strength to overcome whatever challenges land on her path because, as she puts it, "I'm a warrior's daughter". Speaking further on the track, OneDa shares, "When I think about being a warrior I think about my ancestors. I come from warrior blood. I’m not letting anything get me down."

She reels back the tempo on "Rollin" where she's accompanied by some skittish drum patterns and fizzy electronics all crafted by Gabe Gurnsey. Both tracks are a nod to OneDa's versatility but her central message of confidence and empowerment shines through consistently.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Danny Hyde