One Thousand Words And Bowlcut Garms Take Aim At The BBC With "Bum Ba Clart" Mural

One Thousand Words And Bowlcut Garms Take Aim At The BBC With "Bum Ba Clart" Mural

March 05, 2020

A group of London-based creatives have come together to rebel against the BBC. Creative agency One Thousand Words and bootleg designers Bowlcut Garms have joined forces to create a painted mural that reads "BBC BUM BA CLART". The mural, which can be seen outside Shoreditch High Street station, is a rebellious response to their belief that the national broadcaster is undertaking biased reporting to elevate the public opinion of Boris Johnson and the Conservative party.

The collective has also stated their dissatisfaction with the fines and sanctions that are administered for not paying licence fees towards the BBC which disproportionately impact young people and those on lower incomes.

This isn't Bowlcuts' first rebellion, as they have previously played their part in the Black Lives Matter movement by creating tees that read "Stop Killing The Mandem". The group have repeatedly shown that they're not afraid to stand up for their beliefs

Quincy Coore, the creative director of One Thousand Words, has stated how the transition from mainstream media to social media is helping to give a more realistic perception of world events, once again highlighting his dissatisfaction with the BBC. "Things like Snapchat and Instagram Live allow anyone with the app to be a live broadcaster for world events and to share what they see straight from the scene," he says. "I'd rather hear what's going on from the 'people' than from the TV."

The BBC has yet to respond.

Words: Jordan Lolomari
Photography: Janel Antoneshia