Nix Northwest Fades Between Reality And Fantasy In Surreal "Sun In My Eyes" Video

Nix Northwest Fades Between Reality And Fantasy In Surreal "Sun In My Eyes" Video

January 18, 2023

Ascending rapper Nix Northwest lands with a reminder to let loose once in a while in his latest single "Sun In My Eyes".

It's a self-produced number that sees him tap into his classic hip-hop influences and some modern funk grooves to give an accurate depiction of the current state of his inner world. Peeking through the sun-dipped melodies is his alter ego Xin, who will be explored further in his upcoming project Xin's Disappearance along with more of his forward-thinking sounds.

The video is a rousing cinematic experience created by Nix and Asher Kosher where he seamlessly drifts between reality and fantasy with a cluster of smiley people in various settings.

Speaking on the track, he comments, "I feel like I'm a person of extremes—I can be very serious, hardworking and driven but also know how to get silly and loose, and not take myself too seriously. I wanted this tune to try and encapsulate that contrast a little, I think. A lot of my music—and this album in particular—tackles some deep topics, but I wanted to show that I can also have a light-hearted side!"

Nix Northwest also appeared on the community-based The Silhouettes Project on two tracks titled "For South" and "What U Need" featuring ENNY and KeepVibesNear respectively. Now the Londoner continues treading his own path with his expansive sounds. While we wait for what's next, dip into "Sun In My Eyes" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Bisky Rusiness