Nippa Returns With Smooth, BenjiFlow-Produced "Ocean Drive"

Nippa Returns With Smooth, BenjiFlow-Produced "Ocean Drive"

October 23, 2023

Tottenham's Nippa is putting on for new-school R&B like few others.

His latest track, "Ocean Drive", is typically smooth to the ear, thanks in no small part to Benjiflow's production. Nippa is yet to be found lacking in confidence or attention from women, and this new cut is a continuation of what we've come to know Nippa for.

"Ocean Drive" leans less heavily on an infectious bounce than some of Nippa's previous hits though, instead Nippa incorporates more melody on Benjiflow's glittering flow, even drawing for his falsetto to heighten the experience.

The streets are saying it's about to for a follow-up to 2022's Not A Statistic EP, and knowing Nippa, the wait likely won't be too long.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram