Nippa Forges His Own Path With Effortless 'Not A Statistic' EP

Nippa Forges His Own Path With Effortless 'Not A Statistic' EP

December 02, 2022

Not many are pushing the 'hood R&B' style quite like Tottenham's Nippa, a rising star who initially made his presence known in 2020 with "Squeezin' Ya". Today he continues to explore melodic terrains over his rap influences on his second EP Not A Statistic.

Out of four tracks, he teased us with the nostalgic '90s-leaning "Where They At" which glides seamlessly into a number where he swears he's found "The One". We close with the sensual number "Snow Girl" where he pulls back on the tempo, tuning the focus to his stunning vocal prowess. The tape highlights Nippa's talent for blending his influences of the past and rooting them in the sounds of today, adding a sense of newness to his style.

"This project here is just a collection of songs I feel suits the place that I'm at in my life this year," he reflects. "It's a gift to the fans for still rocking with me and supporting the movement regardless. The title in itself shows that we have gone against the norm in everything. Whether it's singing, avoiding the streets, being different, being yourself."

Nippa tops the experience off with a set of visuals to "The One" where he's surrounded by his growing collective of friends and supporters all congregated on a rooftop overlooking the city. Take a look below before diving into Not A Statistic at the bottom.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Publicist