Nilez Steps Up For The Block Report's 'Staircase Smoke II'

Nilez Steps Up For The Block Report's 'Staircase Smoke II'

July 03, 2024

Last month, The Block Report launched a new, eight-part freestyle series—Staircase Smoke—to shine a bright light on the wealth of talented rappers and MCs bubbling up in the UK today.

The air of competition and one-upmanship that keeps rap and grime exciting plays a role, but it's the sheer variety of sounds and styles of these young talents that makes Staircase Smoke different.

Each episode is designed to spotlight a different style, delivery, genre, and approach. This week, Nilez puts it all on the line with a brutally honest session that makes it painfully clear just how much he has rested on success—and it comes backed with his own production.

Flashy Sillah handles direction as always with Joshua Griffiths behind the camera. New episodes hit The Block Report YouTube channel every other Sunday at 6pm.

Hit play on episode two below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Ben Ikon