Nia Archives Celebrates The Jungle And Soul Greats That Raised Her In "Forbidden Feelingz" Video

Nia Archives Celebrates The Jungle And Soul Greats That Raised Her In "Forbidden Feelingz" Video

October 15, 2021

Nia Archives' DIY spirit paired with her love for all things UK rave culture is what keeps her afloat in the UK music space. The latest release "Forbidden Feelingz" continues the magic combo of jungle influences and soulful melodies we first became enamoured with on "Headz Gone West", creating a ground-shaking moment of sweet melodies and rhythms.

Stirred by Nia's hazy vocals echoing the titular refrain over a cascade of rapid breakbeats, old school jungle and potent traces of dub and reggae, the track fulfils a sense of organised chaos as her lyrics explore internal conflict and healing.

"Forbidden Feelingz" also arrives with a set of visuals from Delphino, who ushers us into Nia's black-and-white world as she travels around London, creating a visual scrapbook of her influences—Lee Perry and Grace Jones sit side-by-side with Roni Size and Kemistry—similar to the figurative patchwork of influences that inform her music.

Sharing his insight into the collaboration, Delphino says: "This was a really special and heartfelt project for both me and Nia. After she told us that she wanted to make something legendary, we knew that it was time to dig deep and search inside...

"The goal was to make something that would be nostalgic at any point in time. No matter if you watched it now or in years to come. Our aim was to create something that complimented the synergy between the vocals and instrumental.

"For the majority of scenes in the video we cut out loads and loads of frames and mashed them together with stop motion. This was an idea that we thought would best suit this video, as we wanted to try this for ages.

"As we progress with our art, we will strive to make pieces that really resonate with the authentic part of ourselves."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: @maceofrost