Netflix Give The Go-Ahead For Rapman's Superhero Drama Series 'Supacell'

Netflix Give The Go-Ahead For Rapman's Superhero Drama Series 'Supacell'

December 01, 2021

South London storyteller Rapman returns to our screens, this time backed by Netflix to deliver a superhero series titled Supacell. Venturing into the sci-fi world, Rapman turns a new leaf with this project, working with executive producer Mouktar Mohammed and associate producer Henrietta Lee to deliver this six part story while assuming the role as writer and director.

The narrative follows a group of ordinary South London-based characters who unexpectedly happen upon strange superpowers. With his adept storytelling skills, Rapman is about to create a necessary depiction of what superheroes from the ends would look like. Rapman recently took to twitter saying, "This Superhero show I've got coming is nothing like you've seen before I promise you".

Netflix's UK Series VP Anne Mensah said: "It's a very special time to be part of this creative community, to be able to work with such amazingly talented writers, directors and producers, and we are so excited to bring these stories to our members worldwide."

Supacell is one of five UK-based stories that have been commissioned by Netflix with shooting expected to commence in 2022. Now all that's left to do is keep our eyes peeled for further details.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: David Levene