Watch DJ And Filmmaker ​Nathan Kay Explore COVID-19's Devastating Impact On The Music Industry

Watch DJ And Filmmaker ​Nathan Kay Explore COVID-19's Devastating Impact On The Music Industry

November 26, 2020

DJ and filmmaker Nathan Kay has released episode 1 of new short documentary series Journey Juice, which explores the impacts of COVID-19 on the music industry. In each episode, we'll hear from artists and creatives directly affected, with the first episode featuring house and techno DJ Darius Syrossian.

It's no secret that COVID-19 has devastated the arts, resulting in massive job losses. When questioned in October 2020 as to whether musicians and artists would need to retrain, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said they'd need to "find ways to adapt and adjust to the new reality", offering very little hope.

Presented by Nathan Kay, viewers see just how this affects those whose livelihoods depend on music. When asked about the potential of retraining, DJ Darius Syrossian referred to it as an "insult" given that his art is something he's dedicated his life to, as have many others. Journey Juice seeks to provide an important perspective from those directly affected and create awareness.

In September 2020, apprenticeships and skills minister Gillian Keegan questioned the ability to "socially distance and have a good time in a club" in an interview with Sky News. However, Nathan Kay explores this possibility, visiting Dance On Arrival, London's leading socially distanced parties operating throughout the pandemic. Taking a look inside the venue, we see excitable revellers in seated arrangement, enjoying a groove following the end of the first lockdown. Contrary to what Keegan believes, Kay's new doc provides valuable insight into the potential of such events.

Even more seriously, episode 1 of Journey Juice also features further discussions around COVID-19's effect on the industry as well as mental health, revealing the sad reality that the number of suicides during the pandemic continues to rise. Although it makes for a sobering watch, there are glimmers of hope. Either way, this is an essential investigation into a subject that our government has yet to consider in any meaningful way.

Words: Ian Opolot