namesbliss Shines On Debut Album 'Lively Experience'

namesbliss Shines On Debut Album 'Lively Experience'

May 31, 2024

namesbliss has capped his hot streak by releasing his debut album, Lively Experience.

Recent times have seen bliss forge tight MC/producer bonds that have proved fruitful time and time again. The past year, for example, has seen him shell on a number of productions from Vagrant Real Estate and with scruz, he's formed one of the scene's deadliest MC/producer duos, cranking out fan favourites like "Iniesta Flow" and "Woi".

Both producers lend their hands to his debut album, helping bliss flesh out his vision and add colour to his stories. On album intro "Time And Space", for example, Vagrant lays a sparse instrumental with just a few key elements, over which namesbliss delivers an almost mantra-like account of the work he's put into building this life for himself. Life lessons like that are peppered throughout the album, each one hard-won through experience.

As well as Vagrant and scruz, Lively Experience also features production from oakland, t,o and Parkland, each of whom contributes to the mellow grime sound that bliss has been exploring lately.

Take in Lively Experience below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Lewis Davies