Namesbliss Salutes A Footie Legend On "Iniesta Flow"

Namesbliss Salutes A Footie Legend On "Iniesta Flow"

September 08, 2023

Namesbliss has been making waves this summer. His take on "lo-fi grime" has given new life to the genre and pushed him to a new level of prominence.

His latest lo-fi grime exhibition is "Iniesta Flow", produced by Scruz, and it lives up to its namesake in all the best ways. For those not versed on their legendary footballers, Iniesta is a Spanish midfielder known for his silky smooth play and his ability to find and make space with ease—and Namesbliss' flow takes after the Spaniard in every way.

The video is as creative as Bliss' bars. Shot by 7abudda, the visual blends effortlessly into namesbliss shelling at Balamii radio with producer Scruz giving him a reload, plus a nostalgia-charged appearance of Namesbliss on a Match Attax card. What's not to love?

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Image via Instagram