Mysie Takes Us On A Laid-Back "Joyride"

Mysie Takes Us On A Laid-Back "Joyride"

January 26, 2022

Following on from last year's Undertones EP, South London's Mysie has shared the title track from her newly-announced upcoming EP joyride.

The new track documents the complications and whirlwind of emotions that can overwhelm us when we try to romantically connect with someone at the wrong time. Stirring smooth melodies into a bossa nova-esque beat, it's an enticing first taste and hopefully a sign of what's to come on the incoming project.

"joyride" comes with production from Fraser T. Smith, the hit-making producer who has been a mentor figure to Mysie and also signed her to his label 70Hz Recordings. He comments: "The joyride EP is Mysie's best work to date, as she opens up her heart, mind, and soul—and takes the listener on an intimate, beautiful, rhythmic journey."

Mysie adds: "The new joyride EP is a project about the turmoil of love, and how we change as people as it starts to fall apart. "joyride" is about holding on and eventually letting go. All the lessons I've learned about myself during the ride never stop."

joyride lands May 13. While you wait, hit play on the title track below.

Updated on February 4: the official video has now landed.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Rosanna Jones