Murkage Dave's "Us Lot" Is A Love Song For Outsiders

Murkage Dave's "Us Lot" Is A Love Song For Outsiders

February 16, 2022

The last we heard from Murkage Dave was on wry double release "Please Don't Move To London It's A Trap" / "Awful Things" featuring Caroline Polachek. Today he returns with "Us Lot and the new track sees him reflect on his close friendships.

Produced by New Machine, the track opens with a gentle guitar riff that soon gives way to the smooth drum rhythm accompanied by Dave's soulful melodies. Lyrically, he touches on the complexities within friendships and shows appreciation for the ones that become family over time. Despite the different dynamics, Dave makes it clear that at the end of the day, it's still all love.

About the song, Dave shares: "'Us Lot' is a love song for every misunderstood friend, every black sheep, every prodigal child. I'd like to think I've written it for a few people I'm close to but maybe it's just a letter to myself, I haven't fully worked it out yet."

Keeping us on the hook with his unrestrained songwriting and smooth delivery, tap in to "Us Lot" below.

Updated on March 4: the official video has now landed.