Murkage Dave Releases New Album 'The City Needs… Part Deux'

Murkage Dave Releases New Album 'The City Needs… Part Deux'

November 03, 2023

Just a year after its predecessor, Murkage Dave is already back with The City Needs… Part Deux.

Coming in at 11 tracks long, the sequel to last year's The City Needs A Hero explores a lot of the same themes of identity, escapism, self-belief, and friendship, wrapping up this particular chapter in his career.

For Part Deux, Dave has features from three MCs, Lioness, Jaykae, and Teef, breaking up the album and adding some colour with their appearances. Production-wise, he casts his net wider, bringing in Alex 'Cores' Hayes, Roska, Ryan Hemsworth, whYJay, Massappeals, Jon Phonics, Sangy, Star Slinger, Otxoa, Jonathan Walter, Owen Ross, Ali Karim,

His sound has been described as "folk music for the mandem", and Part Deaux digs further into the lane he's carved for himself. Focused on his own thoughts and feelings, as well as being observant of the world around him, Dave delivers exactly the kind of shrewd, vividly-painted social commentary that his fans have come to love him for.

Tap in below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Jordan Curtis Hughes