Mura Masa Gives Koffee The Remix Treatment On "Toast" And "Throne"

Mura Masa Gives Koffee The Remix Treatment On "Toast" And "Throne"

June 26, 2019

With her breakout hit, "Toast", Jamaican artist Koffee immediately caught the world's attention. Since the release of her successful Rapture EP earlier this year, the 19-year-old musician has gone from strength to strength, with there even being rumours of her writing with the icon that is Rihanna.

Whether those rumours are true or not, one thing that is true is that both "Toast" and "Throne" (also on the EP) have been given the remix treatment by electronic mastermind Mura Masa. The former isn't drastically different from the original, amplifying the dancehall vibes, but Mura does slow things down a touch as the Guernsey producer experiments with different effects. Meanwhile, on the B-side, the "Throne" remix provides more of a spacious dub aesthetic for listeners to get into.

Dive in below.

Words: Aaron Bishop
Photography: Frank Fieber