MularJuice Returns With Heated 'No Reason' EP

MularJuice Returns With Heated 'No Reason' EP

February 22, 2023

Last year, South London rapper and creative MularJuice released just two singles in the form of "Loyalty" and "No Limits"—a relatively quiet one by his standards—but it was more than enough content to have us anticipating his next move which is the hard-hitting six-track EP titled No Reason.

He hones in on his eclectic drill style by experimenting with eerie 808s and explosive drum patterns before kicking off his journey by counting his blessings on "Grateful" and then moves on to accepting the past in "No Love"; the underlying theme throughout the tape is his uncompromising bravado, something he dials up considerably on "No Reason Freestyle".

No Reason delivers just enough heat to draw attention to MularJuice and his mission to become a household name in UK rap.

He reflects on the release, saying, "It's been a minute since I released any music. I've just been so busy in my personal life with family, building my house from start to finish, and I've had so much music stored away for months and months that I just thought, 'Let me give my fans a quick jab of music for No Reason.'

"With this project, me and my manager, JK, we went back and forth for a while, debating whether to drop an EP or mixtape due to the amount of music I've got. It just made sense to release an EP to start with to show my core audience and potential new fans that I'm still around and that I haven't forgotten about them.

"The song selection was key—I wanted the vibe to be a slow build and you can see man's versatile with it. I've got my melodic flow on there as well as drill, because I can easily cater for my fans who like both sounds. I'm back on everything, basically. You can catch me on Twitch streaming, then you can find me making great music for you to listen to, or you can catch me on YouTube with my vlogs. I took a lot of time off but I'm back for good!"

Get into it below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Fizzel Castro