Mowgs & Nino Uptown Are Handing Out "No Favours"

Mowgs & Nino Uptown Are Handing Out "No Favours"

July 25, 2022

Since releasing his widely-applauded The Bare Necessities tape earlier this year, Birmingham native Mowgs has handed over a two-part Plugged In freestyle with Fumez The Engineer as well as the stellar "Not Like Me". Now he returns with even more heat for our ears as he presents his latest cut, "No Favours", and he's called on Nino Uptown for some melodic assistance.

Produced by Maniscooler, the production is guided by fluttering guitars and a gentle drum pattern, creating a smooth R&B-rap feel. In his understated tone, Mowgs steps in to share tales of his life on the roads and the hurdles he's faced along the way, also speaking on the value of loyalty and the danger of fairweather friends. Nino drives the point home with his angelic tone as he sings, 'they didn't help me so don't ask for favours'.

Press play on the Leon Matthews-directed video where we head to a mansion in a quiet neighbourhood to see Mowgs and Nino deliver a laid-back, easy-going performance.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Bran Holloway