Moses Boyd And Alewya Fuse Soul, Punk And Jazz On "The Code"

Moses Boyd And Alewya Fuse Soul, Punk And Jazz On "The Code"

March 18, 2021

This time last month, Moses Boyd wowed us with a remix of "2 Far Gone", a bass-laden collaboration with Katy B. Now the Mercury-nominated drummer, composer and producer calls on multi-talented artist Alewya for new single "The Code".

Dominated by Jordan Hadfield's piercing guitar licks, Renato Paris's siren-like keys, Boyd's virtuosic drum patterns and Alewya's searing vocals, "The Code" takes the form of bottled expression finally reaching the point of combustion. Alewya wonderfully fuses soulfully empowering lyrics with a punk essence, before an explosive climax in clashing, thudding instruments, exorcising personal demons.

Speaking on the collaboration, Boyd says: "My favourite moments in the studio are those when the flow is seamless and doesn't need to be explained. We made 'The Code' within minutes of jamming together and it was just that, seamless. I knew we would have great musical chemistry and it's been refreshing to work with someone as open, brave and inquisitive as Alewya. I know she has so much more great music to come."

"This track came so naturally," Alewya continues. "Moses has a way of understanding musical language and weeding it out of you — I was truly grateful for it. 'The Code' is essentially a song sung by the observer in me observing the shadow of me. Captures what we as a collective and individually are going through — an intense dark night of the soul."

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Alex Lambert