MORGAN Vows Never To Settle For Second Best On "In My Feelings"

MORGAN Vows Never To Settle For Second Best On "In My Feelings"

April 22, 2022

Rising artist MORGAN has delivered the soulful "In My Feelings", a brand new tune that caters to those longing for more wholesome connections.

Here she collaborates with producer Kurisu who blends together a variety of R&B and soul textures for the backdrop. In as direct a way as possible, she makes it clear that she requires a lot more than what she's receiving in this particular relationship. In the end, she resolves to finally walk away from situations that only offer the bare minimum and inspires listeners to do the same.

She shares: "I wrote 'In My Feelings' about a toxic relationship I fell into where I fell in love with somebody that I shouldn't have. I think everyone can relate to that feeling—knowing you're getting yourself into a situation that won't end well—you're head is being rational but your heart completely takes over.

"This is one of the Zoom sessions I did throughout lockdown where I was super proud of what I had written—it probably helped that I wrote it with two good friends Sakima and Kurisu. I love everything about this song, especially minimalist melodies—I'm super proud of it."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Thomas Knights