Oscar #Worldpeace, Ragz Originale & BenjiFlow Combine As MiniKingz On Rugged "New Skin Care"

Oscar #Worldpeace, Ragz Originale & BenjiFlow Combine As MiniKingz On Rugged "New Skin Care"

June 10, 2022

Having carved out their own lanes with their respective combinations of rap, grime, and R&B, Oscar #Worldpeace, Ragz Originale and BenjiFlow are getting ready for the first full-length release as MiniKingz. They've been using the name for years, working together on various solo ventures, but now they're ready with their first project as a trio.

"New Skin Care" is the first to emerge from the new batch and it comes complete with some crisp monochrome visuals courtesy of director Jay Green. It's also one of their heavier, more rap-focused efforts, but given how varied they all are, there's no telling what else the tape will have in store.

Commenting on the new track, Oscar #Worldpeace explains: "'New Skin Care' is a great introduction to the MiniKingz world, it was one of the first songs we made for the project, everyone bouncing off each other well on this. Shout out Jay Green on making the visual just as icy as the song."

Ragz Originale says: "I believe this song sets the perfect tone for us as a collective. The main thing we wanted to get across was the synergy between us, and the drive for energy... we want to shake the skeletons out of your skin!"

Finally, BenjiFlow adds: "This is the start of a new world! We're creating it, welcome."

While we wait on more details about the mixtape, get into "New Skin Care" below.

Words: James Keith
Photography: Shane Vincent