Milli Major And Deepee Link Up For Jumpy Drill Collab "Family Feud"

Milli Major And Deepee Link Up For Jumpy Drill Collab "Family Feud"

June 24, 2021

After a small run of team-ups like "Side Of The Step" and "My Way" with Bossman and Paper Pabs as 3Smoke, Milli Major returns with the hard-hitting follow-up "Family Feud". Appearing alongside Deepee, the pair exchange hard-hitting bars about the politics of street life.

Speaking on the concept of the track, Milli Major explains: "'Family Feud' was created from a place, and at a time, when a lot of things were happening in-camp both in terms of music and on in the streets. While street life isn't necessarily relatable to everyone, family feuds are, and myself and Deepee both delivered that concept to create a vibe and make it sound wavey and enjoyable at the same time as hitting home. You can vibes to this one so much that you forget what the depth of the content is and just enjoy the music."

Milli Major is more than just a rapper and recently he's been dipping his toes into the world of filmmaking beginning with the release of his debut short film, Major Papers. From music to writing and directing, there's no telling what the North London vet has in store for us next.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Zek Snaps