Miles From Kinshasa Lets His Mind Wander On "Maybe"

Miles From Kinshasa Lets His Mind Wander On "Maybe"

April 04, 2019

Building on the sound of his last few singles, such as the masterful "Analogue", South London's Miles From Kinshasa unites with his trusted collaborator Kadiata (who produced the track) once more to present a cool, laid-back '80s summer vibe on new single "Maybe", taken from his upcoming Beloved project.

As has become increasingly popular in these trying times, the track comes with a message of self-love and optimism. Social media can be a great tool for staying connected with each other, but it's also very surface level and maintaining real friendships requires a bit more.

Speaking about the track, Miles said: "At its core, it's about being out of touch with someone you care for whether that be intimate or platonic. I'm saying adulting isn't easy. We claim to be more connected than ever, meanwhile we're just going off assumptions about the relationships we have with people. Maybe I'm retweeting/liking these memes because it's the only thing keeping me from going through it 24/7, and really it would be nice if someone dropped me a 'hope you're good'."

Updated on June 19: the official video has now landed.

Words: Aaron Bishop