Miles From Kinshasa And Kadiata Risk It All In The Name Of Love In "Don't Be An Opp" Video

Miles From Kinshasa And Kadiata Risk It All In The Name Of Love In "Don't Be An Opp" Video

October 06, 2021

Miles From Kinshasa is certain he doesn't want to spend this winter season alone. On his new track, "Don't Be An Opp, he's joined by rapper and producer Kadiata for a tale of wanting to find a love interest to kick back with. Together, they lay tender vocals across the latter's slick production charged with woozy bass patterns and a minimalist melody.

Speaking on the track, Miles from Kinshasa explains "'Don't Be An Opp' is a song I wrote during lockdown. At the time I was longing for some time away with some company just to have a good time. Time was feeling very bleak and uncertain and honestly I just needed some sun, so I just put it in a song instead of a Ryanair flight!

"It's very tongue in cheek and carefree. Coming off the back of my last project, I just wanted to come back with something fresh but still very idiosyncratically Miles from Kinshasa. Kadiata produced the song and it was only right he dropped a classic verse. I feel like we were moving Andy Cole & Dwight Yorke on this one, we're very in-sync, it's a nice moment."

To complement the track, director Ricky Gibb delivers a stylistic video where a gripping yet playful narrative unfolds. It's girls versus boys and the boys are behind enemy lines, parked up in an all-women neighbourhood where they are clearly not welcome, but as things escalate the women are hypnotised by the sounds spilling from a vintage sound system that Kadiata and Miles use for protection.

Take in the visuals to "Don't Be An Opp" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Lucero Glow