Meron T & Sey G Channel Sensuality On Amapiano Bubbler "State Of Mind"

Meron T & Sey G Channel Sensuality On Amapiano Bubbler "State Of Mind"

February 01, 2023

Arriving with her latest infusion of R&B and Amapiano, South London-hailing singer Meron T connects once more with producer Sey G on "State Of Mind".

In this sensual performance, where her buttery vocals slip and slide over Amapiano-based rhythms, Meron captures the feeling of infatuation as she welcomes new love in a full embrace. She blows dreamy melodies into our eardrums, unleashing lyrics that relay a palpable sense of freedom and excitement.

Speaking on the track's process, she says, "For me, this song is a declaration of devotion. It's an attempt to sonically replicate the lustful sensuality that comes with deep love or deep infatuation. The intensity of the beat, and the spacious and repetitive nature of my vocal arrangement, are the perfect blend of a heavy bassline softened with sweet soulful melodies - evoking a trance-like dreaminess that hopefully resonates with the very feeling of being deeply enamoured by someone."

"State Of Mind" adds to a growing list of collaborations between Meron T and Sey G that includes sweeteners like "Hunny", "Everything" and "Don't Let". Tune in below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: @mezillarthesecond