Meridian Dan Gets A Few Things Off His Chest With "Joe Pesci" And "Doughnuts"

Meridian Dan Gets A Few Things Off His Chest With "Joe Pesci" And "Doughnuts"

July 14, 2021

After an incredible three-way link-up with Jme and President T on "Teachers Pet", London rapper Meridian Dan has graced his fans with some more exciting releases.

The first track, "Joe Pesci", sees him tackle a marching, grimey production with his slick bars and bouncy cadence as he tears into his rivals and firms up his status in the game. Then, for "Doughnuts", he slows things down a touch to issue what feels like a warning to the grime scene over a dark and caustic Shy FX instrumental.

Acclaimed director Jay Parpworth steps up for the "Doughnuts" video, heading out with Dan and the team for a spin at the local racetrack. Playing into the track's tense atmospherics, Parpworth casts the North London sheller under a dramatic grey sky before heading to a dark showroom to check out some expensive whips.

After a relatively quiet 2020 for the North Londoner, he's firing on all cylinders now and clearly has a lot to say. As he continues to gather pace, we can't help but wonder if this is all building up to a long-form project of some kind. While we all speculate, enjoy the double heat below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Rauri Cantelo