MEI Finds Solace In The Wake Of Loss In "Happy Man" Video

MEI Finds Solace In The Wake Of Loss In "Happy Man" Video

July 08, 2021

Following on from the alternative, electronic soundscape of previous release, "See Us", South London bassist, producer and singer-songwriter MEI is back to invite us on her quest for inner peace with her latest track "Happy Man".

Opening with a grand piano chord sequence and some light percussion to keep the pace, her soothing R&B vocals spill through as she acknowledges the absence of someone she once loved. As we reach the chorus the tone changes and suddenly we're lifted up as she comes to terms with her loss, singing from a place of warmth and acceptance.

"This song is straight from the deepest part of my heart to whoever has reached a place of acceptance after losing someone," MEI shares. "I'm really grateful to the incredibly talented women that helped me bring this song to life with their gifts. I hope it moves you."

The accompanying visuals, directed by Tom Ringsby, use 16mm film to give a cinematic escape for viewers, capturing a stunning shot of MEI standing in the water of Deptford Creek strumming her bass guitar. The water is said to be a metaphor for its adaptability and fluidity which ties neatly into the themes explored in the track.

MEI is gearing up to release her EP, The Hard Way Around The Sun later in the summer, which houses a collection of tracks built to give us some sorely-needed healing. While we wait for more details on that, take in the "Happy Man" visuals below.

Words: Blessing Borode