Meekz Puts The Scene On Notice With 'Respect The Come Up' Tape

Meekz Puts The Scene On Notice With 'Respect The Come Up' Tape

November 18, 2022

Having spent the last couple of years patiently laying the groundwork, Manchester's Meekz kicks things up a gear with his compelling mixtape Respect The Come Up.

It's 10 tracks strong with only two features coming in from Central Cee on "Don't Like Drill" and Dave on "Fresh Out The Bank" who first connected with the Manny rhymer on the roaring We're All Alone In This Together highlight "In The Fire" alongside Ghetts, Giggs and Fredo.

Meekz acknowledges the troubling times he's lived through but his passion has eventually led him to the light where he can now count his blessings. Through impeccable lyricism he's turned those experiences into lessons we can all learn from, perhaps best summed up when he tells us 'if life's tough now then it can only get better' over a classic soul sample on "Hustler's Ambition".

"Respect The Come Up is not just a boast," he reflects. "I've lived in hostels. I've been homeless. I know what it means to have no bank account. The come-up has really been amazing for me. I have to respect how far I've come. And I'm not saying I've come all the way. But I have to respect it and I know my self-worth now. I'm here to fulfill my purpose. I think the tape shows that."

To coincide with the release, Meekz heads to the outskirts of Manchester to shoot some visuals for pensive opener "Say Less". Directed by KC Locke, the off-road visual finds Meekz hanging out the window of a four-by-four as it tears through the green pastures. Take a look below and then get into the mixtape in full at the bottom.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Instagram