Maverick Sabre Battles His Inner Demons On Arresting "Into Hope"

Maverick Sabre Battles His Inner Demons On Arresting "Into Hope"

February 12, 2020

The man with the golden voice, Maverick Sabre is back to revisit a highlight from last year's stunning When I Wake Up, "Into Hope".

From start to finish, "Into Hope" frames his profound inner turmoul in all-too relatable ways. Beautiful thing, does it hurt to smile? / Nooses of gin and dreams of suicide, he sings, desperately looking for ways to feel something other than apathy or misery.

Deftly avoiding the cliche of a tortured artist, the Irish soul boy instead puts it in terms we can all understand or at least empathise with as he continues, First flush of spring, another love denied / A phone that doesn't ring on a Friday night.

The video, directed by OJ Deady, illustrates this using a number of clever techniques, flitting between chaotic camera angles and shots of Mav looking isolated on a night out while the world around carries on in blissful ignorance.

In a recent interview with Clash Magazine, Mav explained: "This is a song about the battle of feeling too much or too little. A song searching within again to find a greater place of understanding and using that inner understanding to try and do more to change things for the better. Asking yourself or god or whoever you connect with with most to give you the strength to give as much as you can. Admitting there has been a lot of times where i have numbed myself to not feel because i wasn't sure if I could handle it."

Words: James Keith
Photography: Adam Yousaf