Master Peace Furthers His Soulful Indie Sound On "PNE"

Master Peace Furthers His Soulful Indie Sound On "PNE"

October 01, 2020

Master Peace is carving his own lane.

After bursting onto the scene a few years ago, Master Peace has continued to impress with a series of drops that have touched on a lot of unexpected sounds. His latest single "PNE", for example, marks a change from the soulful reggae vibe of "Regular Feelings", cementing his reputation as a multifaceted artist with an extensive education in music.

Master Peace is known for his rockstar live performances, and the repetition of I wish this party never ends gives us just a glimpse of how this may have been received in a pre-pandemic live setting. Set to feature on his upcoming debut EP Loves Bites, the George Reid-produced instrumental on "PNE" fuses elements of R&B and soft rock, supplemented with pulsating electric guitar chords, to capture the feeling of wanting to be forever young.

"I know people can't really go to parties right now," Master Peace explained, "but hopefully this track takes them there mentally and can provide a bit of escapism." Reinforcing that carefree vibe, co-directors Sahra Zadat and Reece Selvadoria use rich pastel colours and crisp backgrounds to play up our protagonist's youthful exuberance. Press play below.

Words: Ian Opolot
Photography: Jenn Five