Mark Duggan's Family Have Reached A Settlement With The Met Police Over His Death

Mark Duggan's Family Have Reached A Settlement With The Met Police Over His Death

October 10, 2019

The family of 29-year-old Mark Duggan have finally come to a settlement with the Met Police after he was shot dead by a police officer in August 2011. The shooting was the spark that ignited the explosive London riots, which eventually spread across and engulfed other parts of the country.

Mr. Duggan was shot dead after a police officer, labelled 'V53', believed he was carrying a gun and opened fire, shooting Mr. Duggan dead on Ferry Lane in Tottenham. This was after officers claim to have been given intelligence that he was a member of a gang.

Jurors concluded that it was a lawful shooting and that officer V53 acted on self-defence, claiming that V53 "honestly believed" that Mark Dugan was carrying a weapon. A pistol was later discovered to be wrapped in a white sock behind railings several metres away from Mr. Duggan's body, causing the jury to believe he dropped the gun when being pulled over by officers.

Mark Duggan's family later tried to battle the decision with the High Court and Court of Appeal but was rejected by the Supreme Court. Eight years later, Mr. Duggan's family have come to a settlement with the Met after the Supreme Court held a meditation between the two parties.

In a recently released statement, the family said they have decided to "bring all proceedings... to a conclusion and move forward", adding that the two parties had "reached an agreed position without acceptance of liability on the part of the Metropolitan Police Service or its officers".

Mr. Duggan's family have requested to keep the terms of the agreement confidential and both parties have confirmed they will not be making any further statements on the matter.