Mall Grab Calls On Nia Archives For Sun-Drenched "Patience"

Mall Grab Calls On Nia Archives For Sun-Drenched "Patience"

August 03, 2022

Ahead of his debut album What I Breathe, producer Jordan Alexander aka Mall Grab has just blessed us with a brand new track titled "Patience", featuring Nia Archives on vocals.

The production swirls with a number of airy instruments from breezy synths to the soft electronic drum section. Just like an orchestra, the production dips and builds at different sections, but always pushing the focus onto Nia's hazy vocals and wistful lyrics, occasionally emphasised by looped phrases and vocal echoes.

The Australian-born, London-bred producer has already given us an incredible string of excerpts from the album including "Understand" with Brendan Yates, "Times Change" featuring Novelist and D Double E, and "Breathing". So far each track has pulled from separate palettes of sounds, showcasing Mall Grab's musical fluidity. While we wait for the entire album to land later this year, kick back to "Patience" below.

Words: Blessing Borode
Image via Publicist