Mahalia And Rico Nasty Pay Tribute To Hype Williams' ​'Belly​' In "Jealous" Video

Mahalia And Rico Nasty Pay Tribute To Hype Williams' ​'Belly​' In "Jealous" Video

February 18, 2021

After a packed 2020 that saw Mahalia drop her intimate Isolation Tapes EP and make a stunning appearance on Pa Salieu's incendiary Send Them To Coventry, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Leicester singer-songwriter might want to put her feet up. Not so, because she's back with a huge Rico Nasty collaboration, the Cadenza-produced "Jealous".

Delivering a confrontational message in her softly sung style (Miss me with that shit please, no, don't come my way), Mahalia pulls off a clever balancing act, even drawing a more melodic flow out of the usually moshpit-ready Rico. The video itself, directed by Melody Maker, holds even more surprises, casting the pair in gloriously nostalgic scenes heavily inspired by Hype Williams' iconic, Nas and DMX-starring '90s crime thriller, Belly.

Explaining how the collab came together, Mahalia said: "I made 'Jealous' on a sunny day at the end of summer last year. I was sat in the studio with Cadenza and Miraa May getting some stuff off my chest from the past few weeks. 'Jealous' was born pretty fast after chatting. It was a weird time... I was dealing with friends being super unsupportive about decisions I was making and I was struggling with navigating that. I'm really proud and excited about what came out in this song and I hope people love it in the same way we did when we wrote it. Rico Nasty is a badass and one of my favourite artists so getting her to feature was a huge moment for me!"

Words: James Keith
Photography: Danika Magdelena