Mahalia Delivers One-Two Punch With 'Isolation Tapes' EP And "BRB" Video

Mahalia Delivers One-Two Punch With 'Isolation Tapes' EP And "BRB" Video

May 04, 2020

Golden-voiced singer Mahalia has just released her new EP, Isolation Tapes, a fitting soundtrack for the lockdown. Released on her 22nd birthday, the three-tracker is her first new drop since last year's critically-revered Love And Compromise album.

The project kicks off with "BRB", soundtracking our lives with eerily-fitting lines like I don't know if you've had enough of this lonely life and references to FaceTiming. The track was of course written before the lockdown, but the chords it strikes are impossible to ignore. Rounding out the short-but-sweet collection are two slightly more upbeat tracks: "Plastic Plants" and "Too Nice", both of which still packing the slight tinge of heartbreak that makes her music so engaging.

Production on the EP comes from Sillkey, Ebenezer, Kurtis McKenzie, Jahaan Sweet, Felix Joseph, and Maths Time Joy. Besides Sillkey and MTJ, each of the producers also contributed some of the project's writing.

"BRB" has also just been given some endearing, home video-style visuals that combine shots of Mahalia gazing wistfully at the now-forbidden outdoors with the Leicester-born singer in happier times — a bittersweet affair to be sure.

"Since being at home, I've spent a lot of time writing new music and listening to old music," Mahalia shared via press release. "I found songs that I'd forgotten about, listened to them and fell in love with them all over again. In these uncertain times, when we have so little control over what is going to happen next, I think we have to focus on what we can control. Music is where I feel that most. And I'm so proud to be putting this EP out!"

Words: James Keith