Mahalia Says Goodbye To Fake Friends On New Single "In The Club"

Mahalia Says Goodbye To Fake Friends On New Single "In The Club"

April 29, 2022

Mahalia is now widely known for her anthemic, mood-boosting songs that give listeners all the tools they need to move on from relationships and friendships that no longer serve you. Her latest dose of encouragement comes in the form of "In The Club", produced by JD. Reid.

Here, Mahalia decides to walk away from opportunistic friends who are only around for the wins but are nowhere to be found when times are tough. She douses the upbeat production with her sweet vocals, even borrowing some melodic phrases from 50 Cent's classic, "In Da Club".

She teams up with Oliver Kane to co-direct the visuals that play out her lyrics to reflect how fleeting some relationships are. The night unfolds with Mahalia riding through the city in a cab while different friends hop in and out.

Speaking about the track in an Instagram post, Mahalia said: "My friendships have changed and blossomed as I've gotten older and with each city I've lived in, it's always taken me a significant amount of time to find people who are like-minded and good. I've kissed a lot of frogs when it comes to mates. Had to cut off a lot of bad energy. And I've tried to only keep people around me who allow me to be myself."

She adds: "That’s what my new song is all about. I wanted to talk about some of the types of friends I've come across in my life."

Words: Blessing Borode
Photography: Mila Austin