M Huncho Drops 19-Track Mixtape 'My Neighbours Don't Know'

M Huncho Drops 19-Track Mixtape 'My Neighbours Don't Know'

September 08, 2023

M Huncho has today released his new mixtape, My Neighbours Don't Know, a title that embodies Hunch's whole elusive character.

The new project plays to the trademark Huncho trapwave sound. Packing 19 songs, the new tape boasts features from Nines, D-Block Europe, Nafe Smallz, K-Trap, Slim, Steve Drive, and Peezy. Production, meanwhile, comes from Quincy, Cage, Chucks, Fumes, Costa, Mike Vegas, Aaronorage, Chapo, Heizenberg Ken, and RYU.

The likes of Kwengface and K-Trap were among the last to remove their mask and reveal their identity. Hunch, however, has maintained his secrecy, valuing his privacy above any further fame and success that revealing his identity might bring. And of course, secrecy is the magic ingredient in the Mind Your Business brand.

Tap into the new tape below.

Words: Dwayne Wilks
Photography: Thomas J Charters