Louis Culture Drops Therapeutic Project 'When Life Presents Obstacle'

Louis Culture Drops Therapeutic Project 'When Life Presents Obstacle'

November 30, 2022

South London's Louis Culture is back with his new EP When Life Presents Obstacle. A coming-of-age project, it draws from the full spectrum of emotions and experiences in that transformative period between adolescence and adulthood.

The project also cements his knack for storytelling as he pivots around themes like politics, pain, motivation, pushing through hardship, and rising to success, all rendered through a relentlessly truthful lens. Shapeshifting from one soundscape to the next, he showcases every influence he grew up on.

"Twiss", "Grime" and "7AM" featuring Bawo and producers YAMA//SATO are a few tracks he previously released, leaving room for seven additional tracks, one being the project highlight "Together" featuring South London via Leeds artist HALINA.

"'Together' is my ballad," Culture says of the track. "I had to find the right words for this one, but also something strong enough to hold up to what Halina said. Her chorus is reassurance. It's the 'everything is going to be ok' you need to hear sometimes in life. If the project is full of chaos and highs and lows then 'Together' is the hug at the end and somebody checking you're alright".

Speaking on the project as a whole, he shares: "This EP fills in the blanks. Everything I want to say is on there, everything I want you to know is on there. Love, grief, success, ends, depression, pain, being up, being skint, lust, motivation, adolescence, oblivion, perseverance and optimism. Hoping there's at least one song that makes you feel less alone."

A project worthy of your undivided attention, hit play below.

Words: Blessing Borode